What's in my bag?

I have a heavy briefcase-backpack. Everyone asks me why. My reason is that I have an overwhelming need to be prepared. So, if you want to check out the contents of a workaholic, overly prepared, frequent global traveler, check out my annotated picture on flickr:

[Stinky IE won’t show the picture embedded with annotations. You can see it on flickr here.]

My top 5:

Important technology for me:

  • A microphone and speakers for good quality conference calls.
  • An Apple Airport so I always have my own wireless network.
  • Bluetooth headsets for my phone and my computer. I pace while I talk.
  • An extra battery for my laptop.
  • My camera with Eye-Fi wireless SD card.

There isn’t a lot of room for anything else, but sometimes I do carry an umbrella!

What’s on my shirt today? One of my favorite CNN shirts:

This flight’s late 92.3% of the time

You can buy it here. I will tell you that your fellow passengers will like it, but the gate agents do not!

5 thoughts on “What's in my bag?

  1. So… you lug all that crap but not the actual laptop!? 😉

    I love that you really have a purple crayon, that you are a paper person too (I always have that pocket-sized moleskine on me, but mine is unruled) and you are a reader.

    This is making me think I should finally take a photo like this… Only problem with that is these days the bag I carry with me nearly everywhere is the crumpler 5 million dollar home and that is for the camera (a Canon 40D, w00t!) I suppose a more accurate assessment of my stuff is what crap is within reach of the library couch and coffee table…

  2. HA! Jenny, my laptop is most of the weight. I should have shared, because I ❤ my ThinkPad T60 with extended battery). The.best.keyboard.ever. Since I'm not a mouse user, this is critical. It is rugged too. I don't treat it nicely and it has had few issues over the past two years. It also has a big screen, but not too big. Fits nicely in my Briggs & Riley bag. I'm a big fan of their bags (bought at ebags.com).

  3. i love how you diagrammed everything in your bag. clever. i like to read a bunch, too. maybe a kindle is in our future?!
    moleskin is expensive! that area is ripe for a ‘pepsi’ competitor.
    overall, nice blog!

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