There are just some things you can't talk about…

…but then when they are launched you can!

A good amount of my day is taken up with things I can’t talk about publicly. They would expose a person, an event, or an exciting new shop. For example… CNN launched little shirt icons next to their video icons on their homepage, so readers can buy headlines they like on t-shirts. I can say that now because — thanks to an awesome Spreadshirt team — this is live as of this morning.

My favorite review so far?

From Jossip: “It would’ve been so easy to harp on for its new feature, which allows visitors to make any select headlines into a T-shirt. But also? It’s kinda the most brilliant Web 2.0 initiative we’ve seen from stodgy old Time Warner since … since.”

I also like that Wired led with “ Scampers Meekly Into the T-Shirt Game”, as imagining CNN scampering meekly anywhere with their large footprint just tickles me. And I am enjoying the commentary about the headlines people want to see… mostly around political statements with the election season heating up.

I get the confusion people have around “just tshirts” and how easy it is to dismiss them and this idea. Obviously I’m among the converted with Jossip in saying that it is “kinda” brilliant to do this. While not every headline will be a hit, the majority of headlines will have some group that feel close to that one headline, and they can now have their headline and wear it too. As Wired said a year ago:

In an age of media saturation, T-shirts are a tight-knit nano-statement.

I haven’t found my headline nano-statement just yet, but when I do, I’ll tell you. In the meantme, what is on my shirt today? Appropriately, since I just flew in this morning (overnight):

Modern Sandman
(Sorry that there are only S Women’s left)

P.S. If you are visiting CNN from outside of the US, you might be redirected to the International edition. If so, just click on the “US” link in the upper right hand corner, where it is labeled “Edition”.

Staying calm in a tempest

Though those that grew up with me would laugh, I am often asked how I stay calm in various, stressful situations. The reason my friends and family from long ago would laugh is that I’m not known by them as having an even temper. I’m passionate about life and that comes out pretty clearly and quickly, but what I’ve learned from my experience that they haven’t seen… perspective.

HSBC has been running an ad campaign for about a year that hits perspective well. The ads juxtapose two images with labels, then show the images again with the labels switched. My favorites:

With each of these I can remember my own perspective turning point. I am not and never have been interested in having children, and earlier, I often wondered why anyone woud do it. As my friends have had kids and I’ve gotten up close and personal with kids, I’ve seen what a sense of fulfillment and happiness children can bring. It has not changed my beliefs for my life, but it does make me much more calm and centered when I’m sitting on a flight next to a screaming, breast feeding baby. (I am completely serious.)

In business, even when I don’t have specific experience perspective, I do ask myself, “Why would that be happening?” And then try to realize what different perspectives there might be. This helps come to not only a sense of calm about the status, but a set of possible solutions based on different perspectives.

As I am writing this, I’m reminded of a Dan and Chip Heath Fast Company Make Goals Not Resolutions article from this Winter. Their analysis of how you achieve your resolutions is to visualize how you are going to reach what you want. Perspective is exactly that… visualization from different angles. In this case, it is to understand and succeed.

What is on my shirt today? In another post, I’m going to cover my thoughts on Danny Meyer’s book Setting the Table, which is an extraordinary book on business and hospitality. He introduces the word


as a South African greeting, which was translated as “I see you.” As Danny says, “That simply and effectively addresses the core human need to be seen and to feel seen.” To me, understanding someone’s perspective is the best way to really see them.

I'm not writing, but I'm twittering

Yes, it has been too long since I’ve written. So long, I won’t even try to apologize, but ask that you know I want to be here writing. Life has just not been cooperating with that specific goal. I have however started writing snippets (or tweets as I believe they are called) via Twitter. You can see some samples on the right side of this, and choose to follow me via Twitter if you want. My tweets are little comments on what I’m reading, hearing or seeing at that moment, which is in a way “what are you doing”, but more “what are you thinking about what you are doing”.

Like other nights, it is 8:24p and I haven’t done my work out yet, my dog and husband need attention (not in that order) and I haven’t eaten for about 9 hours. But, I wanted to leave you with a product demo that I found awesome. This YouTube video of the ABC3D book is a great demonstration of a simple, but powerful, video of a product. It represents the product well, really shows you what it is, isn’t distracting, and had to cost very little to make (in terms of direct and indirect costs). Over 300k views in 2 months. The one problem… no link to where to get the book, though they claim preorders are available. If you are going to do an AWESOME job in promoting your product make sure you let people know how they can buy it, or at least give them the info that your product will be out soon, and get their contact info!

With that, I’m off to eat!

On my shirt today: