About Jana Eggers

Start with me, as tags:

geek, passionate customer advocate, learner…sharer, innovator (strange thinker), wife, cook, dog person, product manager, general manager, book addict, triathlete, mathematics, computer science, Southern, small business owner, Hendrix College, RPI, Intuit, Lycos, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sabre, Blackbaud, start-ups

Currently, I’m learning and sharing with an amazing group of people and companies! Want to know more? Google me, ask me, or ask around.

Now, the blog:

    I like to learn; I learn from other people’s perspectives and ideas. I’ve found blogging great for getting my thoughts out, so I can get your thoughts back. I first started this blog when I was CEO’ing Spreadshirt, and now restarting it as I’m learning so much my mind is exploding, and I need to release some of what’s being crammed in there.

Finally, the blog name:

    As I considered joining Spreadshirt (a surprise leap from an awesome job, amazing team, and terrific company with Intuit), my husband, Evan, and I started noting how many of our life moments could be encapsulated on a t-shirt. The shirt would be more than clothing to wear… it would be a snapshot of life that I took out of the closet much more often than my photo albums. So, it was my attempt at snapshotting my life on a blog! I thought about starting a new blog… after a 4 year hiatus… but I realized that simplicity/summary is still my focus. So, when I look back in things I’ve learned, I often think what’s the overall big point. That’s what I’m striving for… what is my takeaway… what would my shirt say?

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