Are you flocked?

Julie (best friend since junior high) and I have a joke about “flocked” people. Being more natural type gals, one Christmas we found ourselves giggling over the ridiculousness of flocked Christmas trees. (My Nana always had a flocked tree, so the laughing was with love.) Throughout the years, we started describing people as “flocked”, meaning overdone.

Now, I have a problem. Thanks to Spreadshirt, I love flock. Why? We have a “flock” print technology that is awesome! It is similar in its soft texture to tree flocking… but it is sharp, not fluffy. [And, yes, it is durable to washing.] It is hard to explain without seeing it and feeling it, but the quality is something like embroidery… without all the hassle. It’s awesome, and I want to start a flock revolution… maybe that’s revelation because people don’t know about it. My big problem now: this new found addiction is disrupting my very old joke! “They’re flocked,” is now a good thing.

So, am I the only one in the world that didn’t know about this flocking stuff for shirts?

Well, I can’t tell you what is on the shirt today… Julie’s getting it for Christmas. Maybe she’ll share it with you after that!

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