OLP, CNN, jetlag and training

I was going to post something more thoughtful tonight, but the new season of The Unit started last night and Evan and I had to “sling” it tonight. What can I say? I worked at Los Alamos, remember? I’m amused by secret government operatives, since I knew a few spooks there. 😉

So, something a little less serious tonight:

  • In case any of you are forgetting what I look like, here are some vids for you:
  • This brings up point number two… yes, those are dark circles under my eyes. As I looked at myself in the mirror tonight, I thought “Hmmmm… I should have added ‘deal with jetlag’ as some percentage in my ‘what a CEO should be doing’ post.” I’d say that’s another 10%. Jenny, I hope that didn’t scare the horses. 😉
  • And point number three… I’m almost, possibly ready to go public with this… I am considering… doing Ironman Brazil in May. There I did it. Evan’s keen on doing one as soon as possible, and this one is open, and early in the season. My friend (and Ironman) Paul Mccarron told me when I started with my first sprint (Duxbury 2005 — I did not think I would finish!) that I would end up doing an Ironman. How did he know? So far, training has been going well. Thanks to Matthias (co-founder and CTO Spreadshirt) who is making me run FASTER and more often. One thing I know for sure… I will have the best shirt!

Well, on that note, I need to go and work on the circles under my eyes. I hope you are all well. Thanks for indulging me tonight.

5 thoughts on “OLP, CNN, jetlag and training

  1. Jana Eggers says:

    Oh, my gosh, I forgot my shirt… I do have jetlag… or maybe it is because it is 1:30a?

    What is on my shirt… hmmmmmm…

    Well, I would have less jetlag if I flew business class. (Yes, Spreadshirt and I are responsible with our money!) I’m going to steal an idea from Evan and make a shirt that says:

    Operational Upgrade Volunteer

    (An operational upgrade is when they’ve oversold coach and they bump some frequent flyers up to business. Maybe the laugh will get me chosen!)

  2. I’m grateful for social media… otherwise I’d never see you 😉 Maybe you should take up the 365 Days project, then you could take a pic of your shirt every day…

    Kudos on CNN, and on going public with your Ironman goal. You really are crazy, but that is all part of the lovable southern charm.

  3. Hi Jana,
    I’m from a company called CEO Challenges and we specialize in sporting competitions for CEO Athletes around the world, and I’d like to invite you to one of our Ironman or 70.3 distance races.

    Please feel free to check us out at ceochallenges.com, or email me with any questions.


  4. ProGasCasMash says:

    I have been reading here for a while now and thought it would only be fair to register and contribute instead of being a silent reader. So – I am looking forward to be a full part of the community!

    Take care!


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