Things that make you feel good

First, I apologize for being quiet for so long. In addition to my travels across the ocean, I have been training. And that leads me to what things made me feel good the past two weekends:

  1. Last weekend, Evan and I finished a HalfIron triathlon. People are impressed when we say we do triathlons, then less impressed when we say HalfIron triathlons. It sounds like half, but it is more. I came in near last. Due to the work that went into this, the fear of not finishing due to a flat tire, the dread of starting a 13.1 mile run, when I was exhausted… I have a very warm sense of accomplishment for my near last half. 😉
  2. We had my parents, and four of our dear friends join us at the finish line. My parents drove over 3 days from Arkansas, and waited around all day (over 8 hours!) from before we started to the very end just to see those final steps. Our friends Mark and MJ took away time from their vacation to push us on with signs like, “Faster, we’re hungry!” And then there was Anna… 9+ months pregnant and surprising the heck out of me at the finish! Scott, I love you too, but Anna is PREGNANT… scratch that WAS pregnant… congrats, the baby scanna came TODAY!! 🙂
  3. Traveling to Germany this weekend, a man came over to me at the airport and explained he was making a career change to pharmaceutical sales. As I started to wonder why this was relevant to me, he said, “And you’ve just helped me. I was nervous, and your shirt gave me a new attitude.” A simple white shirt, with simple black text gives someone a needed lift. How great is that? I love my job. 🙂

Thanks to you all for being patient with me. I look forward to writing more… because it does make me feel good.

What was on my shirt for the race?


What was on my shirt at the airport?

 Fear less.
Hope more.



5 thoughts on “Things that make you feel good

  1. Great to have another post from you, I miss you when you don’t blog. I’ve always thought the triathlons were impressive… and also crazy, but hey that’s just you.

    The “Fear less. Hope more.” makes it two I need to get now (gen x geezer would be the other one).

  2. David says:

    AWESOME job on the triathlon. If you done a half more than I have does that mean I have done a quarter?

    Math was never my strength… oh yeah it was. :0)

    So what do you eat after swimming, biking & running for 8 hours?

  3. Jana, you and Evan should be incredibly proud about finishing the “half iron-man” and your kick-ass attitude to never never EVER give up – I am proud of you!!!

    Baby Sofia was more than happy to cheer you on at the finish, it was such a great day for me to see an inspirational sports event again (bring on NY 2008!!!) , and I loved seeing your parents again, please forward me your OP parents email!!!


  4. Jenny, impressively crazy… I’ll take that! 😉 I have another shirt I think you’ll like coming soon.

    Anna, I’ll send you the OPs email after this. She just asked about you, Scott, and Sophia today. The flickr pic shows how happy and surprised I was to see you. It is my fav pic of that day. 🙂

    Dave, you know, math and finance don’t mix, right?! 😉 After this tri, I ate an awesome chicken pot pie thanks to Anna and Scott taking us to a local Irish tavern. Perfect. For the days following though, I pretty much ate everything I was near. I was shocked at how much I needed to refuel. And I still weigh less. Amazing!

    Thanks to you all for the notes. 🙂 They each made me feel good!

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