3 things I bought in the month I wasn't posting

Ack! How has it been more than a month since I posted? I’m sorry! Let me get started with this post on three things I bought while I wasn’t posting. Then, this week, I’ll also answer the tag from Chris Shipley, as I do have my list of five things created. (Three before five, right?)

  1. Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson tickets. Evan and I had seen Luther at a blues festival in Portsmouth, NH years ago. The crowd would not let him go… Luther kept playing past his time slot, and the organizers literally pulled the plug… to many boos from the audience. We’ve been fans since. As soon as I saw tickets for Luther at Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry, I bought them! The show was AMAZING… truly amazing. I highly recommend grabbing tickets yourself if you get a chance.
  2. Nana’s (vegan) cookies. I really don’t know why, but I did buy a Nana’s chocolate chip cookie in the Newark airport. My thought… something sweet, but not sugary would be a good idea on the overnight plane ride to Germany. Now, I’m a convert. I ordered a few dozen to have for traveling. While they don’t taste like the original Toll House cookie recipe (hats off to the engineers view of this recipe!), these cookies are amazing. I love Nana.
  3. Clocky. I read about Clocky, as it was being developed, and something recently jogged my memory recently to see if it was in production yet. Lucky me, it is! And what fun Clocky is. He does run away from you, and plays a lovely tune while doing it. I have to admit to not using it regularly for myself yet, but it is fun to give to guests. 🙂

What is on my shirt today? Well, still in the afterglow of the concert on Friday night:

I wish to be as happy as those that
                sing the blues

20 thoughts on “3 things I bought in the month I wasn't posting

  1. I want to get Clocky for Lisa (because in my opinion, as a chronic “snoozer” she needs it) but I’m afraid of how she’d exact her revenge.

  2. Jana Eggers says:

    Jenny… Clocky is persistent, and I could imagine if the person doesn’t get into the idea, well, there could be revenge invovled. Be careful!

    Melissa, thanks for the reminder that I didn’t introduce “three things” again, which I should. I changed the title and intro to help!

  3. Hi, Fred! HA! Of course, I bought tshirts. Want to know my fav? A red Bella, long-sleeved with “Home is where the heart is” in black flex, an outline of the state of Arkansas in brown flex, and a neon pink heart, right where Fort Smith is! 🙂 I wore it today and it made me smile all day.

    And as an homage to my second “home”, I also got an “I heart” [state outline of New Hampshire] white, long-sleeved Bella. I’m wearing it on the plane home on Sunday!

    Thanks for letting me brag about my two home states!

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