On my way to PBR, I bought three things

What is PBR you ask? Well, Professional Bull Riding, of course. Yes, you can take the girl out of Arkansas, but she still likes to watch those cowboys riding bulls! We went to see the top-level tour “Built Ford Tough” in Worcester this weekend with our friends, Peter and Christine. Went to shoot guns at the gun range before that. (Thanks to Peter!)

And what does one wear to a PBR event? Jeans, of course, and that’s the subject of my #1 most recent purchase:

  1. Adjustable-hem Radcliffe jeans. I can say this because it isn’t me, but the jeans… everyone who sees me in these jeans says they look awesome… not just polite “you look great”, but “W-O-W, you look great”. Again, definitely the jeans, not me. All of that aside, what I really love about them… they have an adjustable hem! Flats to heels to capris with a simple little cufflink-like innovation. My hat is off to Suzy. On the sizing if you want to order online, I read the charts and recommendations and whatever they said, I did. No problem at all.
  2. On Target: How the World’s Hottest Retailer Hit a Bull’s-Eye. I’ll likely be blogging a bit more on Target and include some info from this book, but I did buy it when I saw it recently. I’ve always liked Target, as I remember them featuring kids in wheelchairs just like regular models in their ads years ago. I liked that about them. I’m enjoying learning more of the history and culture. One clear indication on their culture: Corporate “jetiquette” is for the most senior executive to serve everyone else, “taking orders, setting up, handing out trays, cleaning up”.
  3. Mayan Chile Chocolate cake from Chocolate Maven in Santa Fe. Woah, this cake is amazing! I got to chose a cake recently while visiting Santa Fe… and as soon as I read about this one, it was mine. It has a wonderful chocolate flavor with just enough chile that you notice the hot and smoke, but then kind of wonder what that taste was… as you smile pleasantly and take another bite. You can’t get their cakes shipped, so I’m going to have to keep dreaming about it for awhile. You can hold off the urge a bit by ordering their Mayan Chile Hot Chocolate online!

Hope you enjoyed this list. I’m thinking of making “I bought three things” a series based on nice response from my first “3 things” post. What do you think?

Besides spilled hot chocolate, what’s on my shirt today? I imagine I’ve surprised a few of you with the whole PBR and gun toting thing. No, I don’t own my own guns; I don’t actually even feel comfortable in a house with them. But, yes, I do like to experience different things; and as long as they are handled safely, I don’t object to guns.

And, while I enjoyed watching rodeo and bull riding as a kid, it wasn’t until I read Josh Peter’s Fried Twinkies, Buckle Bunnies, and Bull Riders: A Year Inside the Professional Bull Riders Tour that I was really hoppin’ to go. This book is well written and really covered the people and business of the PBR. A fascinating life.

So, for the “out of character” info I shared with you today, on my shirt is what I say to Evan whenever I surprise him by doing something odd… shoulders shrugging, I say:

I’m diverse

6 thoughts on “On my way to PBR, I bought three things

  1. melissa averinos says:

    Hi Jana!
    How completely random-
    I wanted to learn about you after reading a post i saw on the spreadshirt forum- (I came upon ss while researching cafepress yesterday)
    So I google and find this blog, and the post on top is about the PBR in Woostah and I was there! Went last year too!
    My favorite part is the fire at the beginning, (them there cowboys sure do like their pyrotechnics!) and Flinn the dancer guy!
    You’ll be seeing me around ss,
    I’m usually a blog and forum lurker- not a poster- but I’m sure I’ll get brave and start posting questions as I have them. I love it so far!

  2. Hi, Melissa,

    How funny, and welcome to the Spreadshirt gang! The PBR does put on a good show… Josh Peter’s book talks about how they moved into the entertainment era. Reading It makes the show even more fascinating.

    Please do post on the forums and blogs. We have a great community that is supportive and kind to each other. Another terrific t-shirt forum is t-shirtforums.com. Lots of help and support there too. Please post when you get your shop going! I’ll be looking forward to it.


  3. melissa averinos says:

    Thanks Jana!
    That book sounds like a great read- mmmm, fried twinkies…..
    I will make sure to post the link when I have my shop a bit more presentable. for now it’s a basic shop with just a handful of designs i did using the online tool designs- just to see what the confomat was like.
    I’m excited about getting my original designs up, I’ve wanted to do this for years. I’m an artist in traditional media as well as digital. I used to be the in-house artist at a screenprinting shop, so tee-shirts are just a part of the way i think.

    I enjoy the business/personal blend of your blog. Very readable, and approachable.
    Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I like the part about being kind to each other !

  4. Hi, Melissa,

    I look forward to seeing your original designs! I am constantly amazed at the great work our partners do. Really shows you how diverse (to use the word of the post!) perspectives can come up with different ideas. And the design on tshirts experience is definitely a plus. Tshirts are their own medium!

    Thanks for the compliments on the blog. I appreciate it. I always feel good when my friends tell me that it sounds just like me. That’s what I’m going for… that’s me. 🙂

    Take care,

  5. Tara says:

    I have to say, having seen you in the jeans, that at least some of that “WOW” was definitely you. You looked great, energized, happy.

    As for the bull riding, I heard that you had a hankering for the sport. Having grown up, in part anyway, in Montana, I’ve seen my share and there is an endeniable energy at one of those events. And further on the gun toting, again the Montana/Alaska background comes into play here, I’ve given it a shot, no pun intended. There’s great value in knowing how to handle a gun and hopefully you never have to do it. I enjoyed the challenge of target shooting, that’s enough for me and now I have a healthy respect for the instrument.

    I like the “3 things” posts, helps me continue to feel connected to the whimsy side of Jana.


  6. Elizabeth Bilinski says:

    Jana? i think that is you name well i am a BIG fan of the PBR built ford tough series and so is my little brother. literally he can name you bulls name along with the riders. every saterday and sunday we are always glued to the t.v. at no later than 8 o’clock when it starts. we went to the PBR in Albany New York and plan on going to the PBR in conneticut and also the world finals in las vegas. i really was not in to the bull riding but since that is how i speng my staerday and sunday nights it got to be a habit for me and i love it now. when i started i found no point in it but now it is a big thing with me along with my 5 year old quarter horse gelding named “Boo” he means the world to me and i love spending my time at the barn. i barley live there. on horse shoe weekend i literally sleep there i even have my own room there. feel free to e-mail m e back soon…. 🙂 :] =]

    -Elizabeth Michelle Bilinski-

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